//Myth and Myth Busting – Post Event

Myth and Myth Busting – Post Event

The Myth Busting Event Was Fun

I am writing this note for those who missed the Mythbusting event.

It was a warm Sunday afternoon.

I reached the venue Cafe Greenr at 3:45pm; 15 min before the scheduled starting time.

The cafe is located right in the middle of Shahpur Jat, and has an amazing vibe. Those who visit, love it. A 4.5 rating (as on May 28th, 2017) on Zomato is hard to come by and Greenr has it.

While the team at Greenr was busy setting up the space. The attendees and experts were chit chatting and getting to know each other. Some of the media representatives were also there to take bites from the speakers. They went on doing it.

By the time, clock struck 4.15pm; speakers were all ready and in their seats; and more than 30 souls from different walks of life had gathered and perched themselves in their seats to listen to our experts bust myths after myths related to health and healthy eating.

I was super excited and couldn’t wait for the event to start.

Seema Jindal Jajodia, Nourish Organics founder started the proceedings of the day by welcoming everyone and thanking them for coming, bearing the summer heat of Delhi.

Then went on and explained that there are lot of misconceptions around what is right to eat and what is not. She also hoped that the event series will help bust myths and spread awareness around this.

She shared her passion for healthy eating, how much she is aware about what kind of food she eats during the day, which is why she started Nourish Organics.

She further shared there are lots of myths around Nourish Organics products and hoped that this event will clear such myths too.

She then invited Mohit Yadav, founder of Greenr Cafe to talk about his food philosophy and about the genesis of Greenr.

Mohit Yadav, shared that Greenr was started last year in 2016, with the thought of stepping towards a healthy lifestyle by creating healthy food options for everyone in vegetarian food. His philosophy for food says anything which is healthy and cooked with love.

Further the sessions was moderated by Kriti Paul Gera who explained that the event will be an interactive one and invited the speakers to introduce themselves.


Kriti first asked Seema Sondhi – the Yoga Expert to share about her work and background.

Seema Sondhi began introducing herself as a yoga feminist. She keeps herself aware of what she eats and this is her principle of healthy eating.

Next was Roman Sherwani on the list. He shared his passion as a health coach, he tries to help people to get their highest performance from their body.

He shared his thoughts on food as he does not carry any restrictive way of eating and believes in both vegan food as well as non vegetarian diet and works with various clients.

Then we had our founder Seema Jindal Jajodia, who introduced herself and her brand Nourish having an aim to promote healthy snacking. She shares a philosophy that nature has all the answers we just need to listen to our bodies. Just being aware and open to listening is to what our body express is what she believes in.

Finally the twin sisters Zina & Zoya were on the list. Zoya initiated the discussion by introducing what their blog The Terrible Twos is all about. The two sisters share a passion around greener lifestyle. She too believes in listening to and following what her own body asks for.

Then Zina joined in expressed her views on her blog. Initially they started with a fashion blog but soon they realized that they do share a passion for healthy lifestyle.

Once we have all heard from our panelists, Kriti took over to take the event forward.

She started with Seema Jindal Jajodia our founder to break the myth around diet by asking what does she thinks about the misconception people have about food.

To which Seema replied there are 3 misconception people have around Nourish Organics products;

Nourish Organic’s products have sugar in it.- Myth

She busted the myth around this by stating that sugar is definitely bad but it depends how much sugar one consumes. Further she adds that NHS says that 30 gms of sugar which is about 7 teaspoons is well tolerated by an adult in a day. She asked the audience if anyone knows how much one single can of coke has sugar in it.

A single coke can contains 39 grams of sugar which is way above the quantity for the whole day.

She further clears the myth around Nourish Organic’s cookies which has a very low sugar content and the quality of sugar which they use is natural cane sugar which is unprocessed. Most of the sweetness in cookies comes from cranberries, raisins and whey proteins. So it’s all about choosing the right amount and quality of sugar.

The second myth she busted was around fats. Fat is a very scary word. She states that healthy fats, which are coming from omega 3 fatty acids are really good for us and very important for us to build our metabolism, for healthy functioning of our organs, so healthy healthy fats are really important to us.

The third myth she busted was; snacking is very bad, and having just 3 square meals are good for health. Most of us in this high paced world with so much of running around can not be dependent on three meals and many of us do not even have healthy snacks around us. Nourish Organics snacking options is specially made to cater to those mid meal which keeps our  blood sugar level from falling low.

So these are the three myths she wanted to bust.

Further Kriti Paul Gera, moderator of the event asked Roman to talk about what does he think about being healthy.

Roman Sherwani shared his idea of weight loss. He said people follow crash diets and are happy losing weight without realizing whether they are losing water weight, muscle mass or fats. He said fat loss should be the goal.

He adds that crash diets are bad, because our body needs all forms of nutrients to stay healthy.

He cleared the myth around sugar intake by explaining that sugar intake depends on person to person. Genetical predisposition comes into play, so there are people who can’t tolerate the sugar at all and many people can.

Attendees continued to join while Seema, Roman and other experts were busting myths after myths. Everyone was engrossed and listening with intent, because this topic is so relevant to everyone’s life.

Further Zoya, from the Terrible Twos, shared that most of the time people eat out of boredom. She then urged everyone to eat healthy. She said if hunger pangs attack better opt for something nutritious than to eat just to satiate your taste buds without thinking what is going inside your body.

She shared her story of how she completely changed her eating pattern and how it affected her health. She started studying a lot about nutrition, what is good for her body, how she opted for complete veganism and excluded meat completely from her diet. She stated that mindful eating is very important for our body. She said that in this age of social media – everyone has an opinion about everything. Instead of listening to and acting on what everyone says, one should listen to one’s body.

Zina added to this, that though they (Zina & Zoya) are twin sisters but it does not mean they both have same body or the same eating habits. No two people can have that.

So when people tell you to follow this diet or that diet, take it with a grain of salt.

Seema Sondhi, who is a Yoga expert shared her story about her journey of Yoga and healing. She started Yoga because she had slip disc. She was able to get rid of it doing Yoga and started teaching others. She said that Yoga has the capacity to heal your body and mind through breath. She asserted her fondness for Yoga by stating that “ it is the breath that heals you nothing else”.  

Then Zoya took the lead in sharing how terrible it was to see her sister suffering from eating disorder and described how the term ‘Hangry” affects our body. When we are angry because of hunger, we get low and become depressed and start taking out our anger on to everything.

It was great to be a part of such deep rooted conversations. Learning was very extensive in terms of health issues, what is right for our body what is not, how important it is to eat what suits our body and each one of us is different and thus their eating patterns. How yoga helps in balancing the mind and body connection. Following a pattern which helps one does not necessarily will help you too. One must listen to their own body and so on…

The session from the speakers cleared many myths around sugar and fats. I was always very offensive to both of these terms (Sugar & fats) and their intake in my everyday diet. But thanks to our experts who busted myth around this which I’m sure most of us feel relaxed and relieved that yes we can add sugar and quality fats to our diets.

I could notice happy faces among audience too as if they have already planned of what would be their evening snack now 🙂 as they recently witnessed a myth being busted around fats and sugar.


Q & A Session

Many among us (the audience) asked their queries. One such question was asked from the panelist to elaborate how Yoga helps to make that mind and body connection?

To this our expert Seema Sondhi replied stating that Yoga helps you to know who you really are. By practicing yoga you can love yourself and accept yourself for what you are and live a healthy life. Through regular practice of Yoga you can control your mind. And breath being the main connection which controls your body and mind.

I loved the way Roman Sherwani our wellness coach expert explained this misconception about body fat asked by one amongst us. He quoted an example of Sumo wrestlers. Irrespective of their body weight and size, they are extremely fit. Because that’s how their body is designed to be. Calorie intake varies from person to person based on their hormonal and genetic behaviours.

He also shared an interesting fact about the amount of toxins we are exposed to also plays an important role in burning fat from the body. In regions which are exposed to less toxins like mountains, our body burns more fats and is more fit as compared to regions where we are exposed to more toxins.

Further to this our founder Seema Jindal Jajodia added an important fact that the amount of activity one person is doing also makes a difference. If our body follows a fixed routine then also it gets static. Body need changes, so we should add necessary activities and make changes to surprise our body which is needed.

Another question was asked by Cafe Owner Mohit about intolerance to certain foods and how one should handle this? Our founder Seema answered this that this complete concept of tolerance is explained with what kind of quality are we taking in. She stated an example of wheat, being largely consumed in almost all parts of the world and is majorly found in almost all the meals yet there is a difference when we process it. So tolerance to certain foods is related to mostly the way it is produced than to how our body reacts to it.

Nutrition Label Reading

As part of this activity, a volunteer handed over a sheet with three sheet nutritional label printed on it next to each other. Then the moderator asked everyone to read these nutritional labels and share what did think of those labels and which product each of the nutritional label comes from.

One label read as added natural flavours; to this our panelist Roman Sherwani explained that there is nothing natural in aded flavours and there are many different names with which a label could be written. Always rely on simple to understand ones and if you find anything written which you do not understand just avoid that stuff. How simple was that. So thankful to the experts for this information.


Seated Yoga Session

After this discussion, Seema Sodhi led everyone to do a short seated yoga session. It was mostly a centering exercise by getting attendees to follow and regulate their breath. All including me took part in it and needless to say it was very relaxing and help us make a connection between our body movements and thoughts. A special thanks to Seema Sondhi for carrying out this short Yoga session. It was indeed very transforming and evoked the inner self which now yearns for more of yoga sessions:)



All in all a well spent Saturday evening. Meeting with so many different people and our experts was very energising.

I am so delightful to have been be a part of this Myth Busting Wellness Talk.

Leaving from here with a positive mind set about myself and my body.

A big thank you to all the experts for sharing such vital information with all of us.

Looking forward to the next talk that is tentatively scheduled in August.


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