//Raw Honey And Its Many Health Benefits

Raw Honey And Its Many Health Benefits

Do you know, 22,700 bees take about 10-20 days to make a jar worth of honey?

Amazing.. isn’t it?

Not just that, the wonder food honey which bees create is equally amazing to our taste buds and health.

But in order to make sure you are getting the right benefits, you must only buy “Raw Honey”

Nearly 70% of honey sold in the supermarket is not pure honey.

Raw honey comes straight from the beehive and is important superfood sweetener gathered by  honey bees.

Unlike processed honey which is easily available and most of the people are used to, this raw unprocessed honey is highly beneficial to health for many reasons.

Some of them are:

  1. It is a powerful immune system builder.
  2. Raw honey has natural antioxidant properties, which helps in keeping our body disease free.
  3. Raw honey is antibacterial. It contains antimicrobial elements which controls the growth of certain types of bacteria.
  4. Raw honey has highest glycemic properties which means when honey is exposed to air it naturally absorbs the moisture from the air.
  5. It stabilizes blood sugar.
  6. It promotes digestive health.
  7. It helps in lower cholesterol.
  8. It helps heal skin conditions.
  9. It is high in antibacterial and antifungal properties used to reduce inflammation.
  10. It is good for common cold and cough.

There is a long known debate over honey and its purity. There are varieties of honey available in the market which differs in composition, taste, nutrition and texture.

Honey in its raw form is a living food. Pure honey has all the nutrients, enzymes and medicinal compounds which honey is originally known for.

Here’s how you know what you are eating is raw honey or processed one?

  1. Price. There is a difference between the two varieties – one is commonly available honey and the other one is rarely available raw honey. The price depends upon the methods used in extraction and processing. With common honey, the process requires less of work and the concentration is also low, where as raw honey is costly because it is high in concentration and extracted using less of machine equipment and more of manual ways to keep its purity intact.
  2. Nutritive value. Commonly available honey which you find at the supermarket is heated and filtered to make it look cleaner and smoother and more appealing to the end consumer.When honey is heated its aroma, enzymes and yeast which are responsible for activating Vitamins and Minerals in your body are destroyed. That is why commercially available honey is not as nutritious as Raw honey. Where as Raw honey is available in its natural form and texture. It is unprocessed which means it is not filtered or heated.
  3. Texture. Commercial honey is smooth in texture and cleaner in looks as it is filtered. Raw Honey contains pollen, propolis, honeycomb and live enzymes, which bees put into it. That is why it is more dense in texture and high in concentration.
  4. Easy to use. Because commercial honey is not very thick and has a very less consistency, it has a dripping problem. It also seeps in and makes the food product soggy. Raw honey is very thick and creamy texture and can easily be spread without dripping.
  5. Sweetness. Honey is a great natural sweetener, it remains sweet in whichever form it is in. The only difference will be in its nutrient value.Commercial honey has added fructose corn syrup in it which makes it little sweeter with high calories than the raw honey. Raw honey has natural sweetness, which is very good for health.
  6. Health benefits. As shared earlier, commercial honey is processed and is deprived of nutrition. Where as Raw honey is loaded with essential enzymes and nutrients which are beneficial for health. Raw honey is rich in flavonoids, poly nutrients, anti-microbial enzymes and anti-inflammatories which is why raw honey is used to treat a number of ailments. Raw honey is by far the best medicinal honey available that contains many nutrients.
  7. Label. Honey which is raw is clearly labeled by companies selling them. If the honey is not labeled as raw, it means it is processed.

Raw honey comes in various colors, which are white, red, brown and almost black. The flavours and texture of Raw honey also varies depending on different flower nectar from which honey is made.

There are few simple test or experiments you can do at home to find out whether the honey is pure or not. These are;

Thumb test:

  1. Pour a small drop of honey on your thumb.
  2. Check to see if it spills or spreads.
  3. If it does, it is not pure or raw.
  4. Raw honey is thick in consistency and stay intact on your thumb.
  5. Processed honey drips.

Water test:

  1. Take a glass, fill it with clean water.
  2. Pour one tablespoon of honey into it.
  3. Adulterated honey dissolves in water and you can observe it sticking around the glass.
  4. Pure or raw honey will settle down at the bottom of the glass without getting dissolve unless you stir it to mix.

Flame Test:

  1. Take a dry matchstick.
  2. Dip it into honey.
  3. Try striking the stick on the matchbox to light
  4. If it is pure or raw, it will light with ease.
  5. The flame will also keep on burning off with honey.
  6. If it is impure, it will not light as adulterated honey contains moisture whcih is also one of the impurities.

Vinegar test:

  1. Take one tablespoon honey.
  2. Add 2-3 drops of vinegar to it.
  3. Mix well.
  4. If the solution becomes foamy, it has impurities and is not raw.

I am sure with these steps now you will be able to verify the purity of honey.

There are other methods available to test but were not fully supported. One such method was “The Ant test”. According to this test if the honey is raw or pure ants will not be attracted to it. Where as fake or adulterated honey has sugar content which is why ants are attracted to it.  Another reason is pure or raw honey also a natural pest repellent which keeps these little creatures away from it. However, this test has raised debates as not much information was available to support this.

Now when you know Raw Honey is the healthiest choice for many reasons, include this to your daily diet and boost your health with benefits.

Can you list a few ways how you’re using honey in your everyday life?

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