//What Is Food Toxicity? And How To Deal With It

What Is Food Toxicity? And How To Deal With It

Living a healthier life is more than just losing weight. It’s about choosing the right food to eat.

Today more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by the way food production and consumption is done which leads to toxicity in the food we eat.

There are broadly three ways by which toxicity is added in the food we eat. These are:

  1. Methods of Food production. In order to produce or grow the larger quantity of food, many chemicals are used in the production of crops. The harm it does to the taste and nutrition will of least importance for those who want to sell their product in large quantities. The one who is affected the most is the consumer who eats such unethical produce. Adding preservatives has always been important for food industries who try to enhance the taste and life of a food product. Most people can’t even pronounce the name of some of the chemicals in the food which is also a good thumb rule, if you do not recognize the name of the ingredient, never buy such product. More information is also shared in our post on nutritional facts of a food product you can read it to get detailed knowledge on what to buy from supermarkets.
  2. Ways of Food handling. These days food reaches your plate after going through many means and methods. It is very difficult to know the exact life your food has led before you get to eat it. Earlier the food was mostly grown, produced and consumed in a comparatively shorter distance and also stored in a way which required less chemical use.Nowadays, technology and science have ways to overcome these restrictions of distance and time. For example, there is powered refrigeration system that allows food to be stored and transported to distant places and in large volumes. Also, there are various chemically advanced packaging techniques such as vacuum packing, thinning etc. which increases the shelf life of a food.
  3. Cooking methods. The way food is cooked is as important as the food choices we make to eat. Cooking your food wrong way has the same effect on your body that cigarette smoking does. Cooking your food in a wrong way can damage the nutrients in the food and create toxic compounds.The word toxicity, while cooking does not literally, means that the food is poisonous to eat but this refers to damaging protein level in the food, oxidized fats, and carcinogens while cooking.  Different food requires different cooking methods. The few methods one should avoid as far as possible are
      1. Barbecuing (too fast and on a very high temperature as it causes fats to melt too soon on a high temp causing cancer cells.Barbecuing must be done at a low temperature for a longer time) )  
      2. Deep Frying. We all know it is bad for health but do you know why? Let’s find out. When we deep fry a food, we dip it in glycated sugars, denatured proteins, and oxidized fats. Furthermore, deep frying is done at a high temperature which forms toxic compounds causing cancer.
      3. Microwaving. Microwaving is super convenient for everyone when it comes to saving time and efforts, on the other hand, it is potentially harmful and super unhealthy as microwaving is released electromagnetic fields in the air causing harm to the food. This type of cooking method removes all the natural nutrients and proteins from the food. In order to save few minutes, we end up losing health.  

Here’s a list of 5 chemicals that makes our food toxic. Most of these chemicals are formed to improve the shelf life of a food product, reduce mass production and enhance look and feel of the food product. So let’s take a deeper look at these chemicals to avoid them.

  1. BPA. Aka Bisphenol – A is linked to many health problems like obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cancer risk, reproductive issues, heart disease, neurological disorders like ADHD
  2. BVO also known as Brominated Vegetable Oils. This chemical is responsible for bright colors in most of the bottled beverages, sodas, sports drink etc. This chemical is known to raise increased cholesterol level in the body and also cause damage to vital organs like liver and kidney.
  3. BHA or Benzoate Preservatives. These are also recognized as BHT and TBHQ in the list. These chemicals are linked with serious concerns like urticaria, asthma, disturbed estrogen balance, cancer cells formation and hyperactivity. Always read the nutritional label clearly before buying a food product. These chemicals are hidden in products like cereals, butter, nut mixes, gum flavored foods and dehydrated veggies.
  4. PFOA or Perfluorooctanoic acid. The paper bags of microwavable popcorns contain PFOA. When heated to high temperature, PFOA is vaporized and gets mixed with popcorns. PFOA is also consumed by inhaling as soon as steam comes out of the bag after microwaving. PFOA is linked with thyroid disease. Avoid making popcorns in a microwave or if you want to then pop the kernels in a brown paper bag.
  5. Azodicarbonamide. This is a bleaching agent used in packaged and processed foods such as baked foods, cooked and frozen foods pastas, flour mixes etc. This chemical is linked to the risk of cancer and asthma. Always read the label carefully to check such chemicals.

This was the list of top 5 chemicals mostly used. Avoid them for a healthy disease free body.

Truth be told, it is impossible to avoid toxins entering our body but we can limit the effect by altering our food choices.

There are few ways to which the impact of toxins can be limited. These are;

  • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming.
  • Read the nutritional label carefully before buying any food product.
  • Avoid heavily processed foods.
  • Stay away from artificially colored foods and drinks.
  • Don’t fall for marketing tricks. If a food is labeled as all natural, or an attractive packaging does not mean it is good for health. Know clearly what your food contains.
  • Do some proper cooking. Avoid deep frying or cooking at a very high temperature.

Food, in general, was more healthy in good old days when ethical practices were used in producing, storing and cooking food. Toxins and chemicals have become a part of our daily diet.

The damage to health caused by these toxic substances is not seen immediately but regular consumption builds up to toxic substances that create havoc in our body.


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