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How To Deal With Stress In A Healthy Way

Seema Jindal Jajodia September 19, 2018

Are you stressed??

While most of you would answer this negatively, the fact is that many of you are!!

Hectic schedules, multi-tasking, busy lifestyles, eating habits etc. all contribute to stress in one ways or the other. The most common symptoms of stress include loss of energy or feeling tired all the time, mood swings, frequent headaches, insomnia, loss of focus etc. While it is difficult for you to avoid being stressed, there are techniques that you could use to deal with it and minimize its occurrence.

Stress upsets both your emotional balance and physical well-being, and thus affects you in more than one ways. These healthy ways to deal with stress could be your go-to whenever feeling drained out.

  1.   Get a routine

Routine should be your first fix to deal with stress. By following a routine, you allow your body to develop the ability to deal with stress. Routine helps you take control over things when stress makes you feel powerless in all situations. It is thus helpful in reducing anxieties and worries.

Identify and fix time for activities that you take up each day. You may also want to allow some time for activities that you love to do. It could be as simple as listening to music for sometime when you reach home from work. Follow this routine everyday and you would witness how it helps you relieve stress from the daily tasks you undertake.

  1.   Visualize happiness

Find a quiet corner and spend sometime in your happy place everyday. Close your eyes, focus on breathing and visualize happiness for yourself. Visualize yourself to be surrounded in situations that make you happy. Research[1] has shown that such imaginative thoughts reduce the production of stress hormone in your body.

Also deep breathing helps in clearing the body, mind and the soul. Deep breathing controls the supply of oxygen to brain while stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. This brings you in state of calm and thus reduces stress.

  1.   Exercise

Exercise is one of the healthiest ways to deal with stress. Not only does it increase the production of happy hormones in your body, but also helps in regulating sleep patterns, boosts energy and helps you maintain calm and focus. Ensure that you incorporate some form of physical activity in your daily routine. It could be anything from yoga to zumba or aerobics. You could also identify a partner for your daily exercise regimen, and in just a few days you could see how it affects your well-being positively.

  1.   Eat Healthy

Healthy eating habits are the another healthy route of dealing with stress. Eat meals that contain fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and proteins. Also, never skip your meals. Science believes that your diet and the nutrition levels in your body hold a direct influence on your stress levels. While some foods might act as stress fighters for your body, others may help in reducing stress.

  1.   Take out time to relax

Take some “me” time out from you busy schedules. Take care of yourself, nurture yourself in this me time. You must take out time everyday and indulge in any activity that you like – listening to music, cooking, dancing, games, anything. Do not allow any other obligations and commitments to encroach over this time.

  1.   Go out and breathe fresh

Vitamin-D boosts the Serotonin levels in your body, which help you feel good about everything around. So, go out and get some sunlight. Also as you move away from the stressful environment witnessing new sights and smells, your focus moves away from the worries that surround. Thus it is important that you take out time everyday and go out in the sun for atleast 30 minutes.

You could also consider adding plants to your workspace. Being around plants help you concentrate more thus increasing productivity. Also plants at workplace increase memory and concentration.

  1.   Identify the source of stress

This is really really important. Identify what is the biggest cause of stress for you. This helps you get a step closer in dealing with it.

While you can’t do much about everything that is happening around you, you surely can control how you react to situations. The main goal of identifying this source of stress is to manage your reactions to it. Thus, identify the source and see what aspects of it can be controlled. For those aspects which lie beyond your control, accept them and change your reaction to it. You would certainly feel as sense of calm take over.

  1.   Sleep well

Adopt good sleeping habits. Fix a sleeping routine – go to bed and wake up at about the same time everyday. A hot shower before you go to bed could also help you with a good sleep. You could also avoid getting into arguments just before you sleep. Instead leave all your worries and arguments for daytime and sleep with good thoughts.

  1.   Meditate

Meditation is an effective way to deal with stress. It helps your mind to keep calm and settle down while relieving it of any anxiety. Meditation is a technique that trains our bodies to achieve a state of relaxation everyday. This state involves a decreased pulse rate, blood pressure and metabolism. Mindfulness meditation is a widely-used stress management technique.

  1.  Limit yourself

This might be the last but is equally important for you to follow. You must be having many commitments in your life. Commitment towards your family, your spouse, your children, your work, your friends and they all tend to overlap at some point, thus resulting in stress. Limit yourself in terms of the commitments that you honour. Prioritize your commitments in terms of their value in your life, and see the change for yourself. Also stop trying to control people and situations. This only increases your anxiety levels. Learn to let go and accept people and situations as they are.

While you work to deal with stress in healthy ways using one or all of the above techniques, there is one simple formula that fits them all – Simplify!! All these techniques focus on just one thing, and that is to simplify your life. Simplify your routines, your schedules, your commitments, your living space and what you get as result is stress simplified into calmness.

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