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New Year Health Resolution – New Year New You!

Seema Jindal Jajodia September 21, 2018

And so it is that time of year when you make New Year resolutions. Also it is that time when you tell yourself that this year’s resolution would be fulfilled unlike the last one. Well, we don’t know about all your resolutions but this time your New Year health resolutions are surely going to be fulfilled. And that is because this year we are going to help you with making resolutions that can be easily managed along with your regular routine and lifestyle.

#1 Eat more fruit and vegetable portions

Well, this one is quite simple. All you have to do is to include more of seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables in the meals that you take. This will help boost your health while also providing your body its required nutrition.

#2 Cut down on salt intake

High salt consumption is known to be the cause of various health problems. This New Year resolve to cut down on your salt intake. You could either opt for less salt in your regular meals or could avoid food items that have extra salt added.

#3 Spend time with family

Yes, this has to be your new year health resolution. Spending time with your near and dear ones relieves you off the daily stresses of life. You learn to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and also nurture strong relationships.

#4 Use your fitness knowledge to help others

Over these years you would have acquired a lot of knowledge on how to stay healthy while making and breaking New Year resolutions. This time resolve to help someone with the knowledge you have acquired over the years. Not only will your friends benefit from it, but it will also make you feel good. And who knows you get a new fitness partner in the process.

#5 Take out more time to relax

Health does not mean a strict fitness routine and healthy eating. It also requires you to relax and take time out for yourself and for things you love to do. Relaxation is important to avoid getting overworked. This New Year resolve to relax a bit more. Have a good sleep everyday and engage in activities that you enjoy doing.

#6 Use the staircase

Now that you need to take out time to relax, you might fall short of time for your exercise. No worries. This year resolve to take the staircase home, no matter how tired you are after work. Wherever and whenever possible use the staircase and ditch that elevator.

#7 Check your alcohol intake

Now that you are done with the year’s biggest celebration, resolve to limit your alcohol intake. Heavy alcohol consumption can have serious health implications for you. Identify occasions where you can forego this ritual for yourself and stick to the plan. Plan to reduce both frequency and portions, taken one at a time maybe.

#8 Plant a tree

Your health also depends on your environment and surroundings. With the kind of polluted environment that we live in, this small step too would make a big impact. Resolve to plant atleast one tree this year and subsequently for all the years ahead.

#9  Exercise Regularly

Well this had to be here. Unlike the previous years, even if you do not take a membership to the gym, resolve to exercise regularly. This could be a brisk walk, yoga or any other physical activity you want to indulge in.

With this we are really hopeful that this year’s New Year health resolution is not going to go in the bin like the previous ones.

Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy and Joyous New Year !!!!

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