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5 must-eats to give winter a warm welcome

Seema Jindal Jajodia December 21, 2019

Best foods to eat in winter

The days are getting shorter, woollens are being brought out of storage and catching some sun seems almost like an Olympic sport – winter is upon us! Keeping warm is now a daily goal for us all, and what we consume plays an integral role in unlocking this achievement.

 While we’re all looking for the best ways to stay comfortable and also avoid nasty winter ailments, Mother Nature in her wisdom has already bestowed upon us a number of foods that help you combat that plummeting temperature.

 #1 Ginger

One of the staples of any Indian kitchen, good ol’ Ginger is both tasty as well as beneficial in the cold months of the year. The warming effect of Ginger works wonders for the body – easing digestion, alleviating congestion and sore throats, and boosting immunity to help you combat volatile outdoor temperatures. Whether its a hearty dose in your everyday meals or as a warm infusion in your daily cup of chai, Ginger should definitely occupy a central place in all winter cooking ideas.

 The Ginger Oat Cookies here at Nourish Organics are a tasty and healthy way to make Ginger a staple this season!

 #2 Turmeric

 With a storied history stretching back over a thousand years, Turmeric (haldi) is perhaps one of the most powerful and beneficial spices in the world. Even today, studies across the world have acknowledged the medicinal properties of the spice, linked to its major active ingredient – curcumin. Curcumin is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, is a potent antioxidant and is cited by scientists across the globe as having “promising effects” on a laundry list of ailments. Most importantly though, turmeric is the perfect winter spice – with warming properties that perfectly complement its earthy flavour and aroma. Mix it into your favourite hot beverage, season your curries with it, or just grab a box of Chia Turmeric Cookies from Nourish Organics and give your winter snacking a warm purpose!

 #3 Cinnamon

 Almost synonymous with the winter chill, Cinnamon is a fitting spice to partner up with to combat the falling mercury. Linked to combatting a series of conditions including diabetes, heart-disease and even Alzheimer’s disease, Cinnamon is fast-becoming almost synonymous with a healthy winter lifestyle. What’s more, it’s an extremely versatile cooking ingredient, finding its way into both sweet and savoury recipes. Sprinkle some onto your morning oatmeal, add a pinch to your coffee or milkshake or dig into a handful of Cinnamon Coconut Chips from Nourish Organics and begin reaping the bountiful Cinnamon benefits!

 #4 Honey

Who needs sugar when you’ve got the golden goodness of Honey! Perhaps one of the most delicious ingredients from nature, Honey has been known to have surprisingly potent antioxidant properties, has been acknowledged as a natural way to combat cholesterol, triglycerides and contains healing properties as well. What makes it even better is that it is a delicious, fuss-free and integral part of pancakes, cookies and even different varieties of honey-covered nuts, such as Nourish Organics’ Honey Roasted Almonds

#5 Walnuts

Finally, what’s winter without a whole lot of nuts! While all nuts have innumerable benefits, Walnuts are a definite winter favourite – being packed with known warming properties, biotin for healthy hair, omega 3 fatty acids, and aid in healthy weight loss. For those of us with amnesiac tendencies, Walnuts are also a known source of melatonin that can help regulate sleep cycles. And let’s not forget its versatility! Not only are they great to eat on their own, they also add a delicious flavour and texture to cakes, cereal and sweets. Sprinkle it on a salad or enjoy it as a snack by digging into Nourish Organics’ Honey Roasted Walnuts.

Stay warm, stay healthy!

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