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Self-care Tips For Your Mental Wellbeing

Nikita Jajodia August 10, 2020

It goes without saying that physical health goes hand in hand with mental wellbeing. Give adequate attention to your mind as you do your body through these self-care tips!

Watch something funny

Whether it’s the latest laugh riot on the block or your go to comedy show, comfort watching will uplift your mood when you’re feeling stressed or even exhausted!


Get the right amount of sleep

7-8 hours is usually the magic number but see what works for you and what makes you feel your very best! Create a sleep friendly environment – read a book, avoid electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime & turn off the lights.


Build a routine & stick to it

Create a daily routine of tasks that you have to complete each day – this can include a time for exercise, calling your friends or family at the same time each day, fixing meal times and even a slot to take a nap. Being in a regular routine allows you to keep yourself busy and centred at all times.


Eat well and eat clean

It’s easy to fall back on sugary treats or carb-loaded goodies, but rather than going for that momentary feeling of bliss, eat foods that will have long lasting benefits and effects. Consume the right amount of fruits and vegetables to give you energy through the day, eat the grains that do the most good and focus on your nutrition to increase the freshness of your mind! Omega-3 rich foods such as seeds and fish help promote brain health, nourishing your body & your mind.


Take a break from social media

Always being connected to the world-at-large can take a toll on you, so make an effort to stay away from social media platforms and instead focus on yourself and those immediately around you.


Talk to somebody

Speaking about your feelings can be both cathartic and therapeutic – call a friend, speak to a family member and if needed, don’t be afraid to seek professional help!


Find an outlet

Find an activity that truly lets you express yourself in ways that you ordinarily can’t – it can be as simple as writing a journal, painting, singing, dancing or taking an online class to learn a new skill.


Use these tips to give your mental health the TLC it deserves!

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