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//Tribe Story 006//

Seema Jindal Jajodia September 30, 2021

Meet Diana Serrano, an extremely special member of the Nourish Tribe, because she’s also a Covid warrior! Based in LA, California, she worked as nurse when Covid’19 hit its peak in Los Angeles, interacting with and caring for innumerable patients and experiencing first-hand the uncertainty that came with the early days of the pandemic. Despite living in the same house as her family, she refused to meet them for months and used a separate entrance to enter and exit, to ensure that her family members would be safe from any viruses she may have brought back from the hospital. A Tribe member since 2014, what sets Diana apart is her commitment to making the world a slightly better place, wherever she is!
Pictured here at Santa Monica Beach, Diana is tanking up on energy and nourishment with some coffee and our Mixed Nut Medley.

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