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Discover ways to delight your employees!

Josephine Mary June 16, 2022

Nourish Organics offers an array of ready-to-eat snacks that work for you and your body at all times, even on-the-go.

Our products are made from delicious & wholesome ingredients, grown organically, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. They are suffused with invaluable oils, natural antioxidants and wholesome fibre, creating a multitude of positive effects on the body. 

Our aim is to eradicate health issues & improve one’s health by creating awareness about organic and healthy food products. Through constant innovation of products and education of our consumers, we strive to bring people closest to their healthier selves  while also appealing to their taste buds. 

Wellness Kit

INR 1320/-

Assorted snacks to discover, enjoy & share – Our Wellness Kit makes for the perfect gift for health conscious individuals. 

This carefully curated wellness kit consists of our Amaranth Muesli, Ginger Oat Cookies, Omega Seed Mix and a pack of our Apple Cinnamon Bars

Joining Kit 

INR 1150/-

Put a smile on your newly recruited employee’s face by gifting him/her a wholesome hamper from Nourish Organics. 

This carefully curated Joining Kit consists of our Cranberry Super Grain Granola, Chocolate Coconut Cookies & Honey roasted almonds

Corporate Gift For Performance Recognition

INR 1150/-

Recognize the efforts of your star employees with this perfect mix of healthy treats. 

This carefully curated Employee of the Month Kit consists of our Cocoa crunch granola,  Honey Roasted walnuts, Variety cookies pack, Oats and seeds cracker

Farewell Hamper

INR 1190/-

Bid farewell to your employees with our thoughtful going away Gift Hamper. 

This carefully curated Farewell Hamper consists of our Cinnamon Oats Granola, Oats and Seeds Crackers, Mixed Nut Medley & Variety Bars Pack

Hamper to mark Special Occasions

INR 1105/-

From employee birthdays to work anniversaries, this thoughtfully curated hamper is the perfect way to celebrate every milestone.  

This carefully curated hamper consists of Honey Crunch Muesli, Oats and seeds Crackers,Roasted almond cranberry and Variety Cookies  Pack.

Eat healthy, daily!

Whether you’re a startup or one of the big boys,  help your team stay productive & charged through the day.  From long meetings to quick tea or coffee breaks,  our range of healthy snacks will help to keep your team fuller for longer, and reduce sugar cravings.


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