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Nourish Organics is about helping you make the right food choices. No tedious cooking, peeling or roasting! We have an array of ready-to-eat snacks that work for you and your body at all times, even on-the-go.

As Indian consumers we are becoming more and more conscious about our health. Organic ingredients and hand-made food, serve as a promising alternative for machine made and processed food, made from high amounts of chemical infusions. This has ill impact both in terms of self-consumption as well as on the environment. The affinity of an individual towards consumption of organic food items is highly dependent on the awareness levels, accessibility and availability to the individual which we endeavour to increase.

Nourish Organics’ aim is to eradicate health issues, improving health of the citizen by creating awareness about organic and healthy food products. We are constantly innovating to bring out newer products to suit health needs and taste buds of our population.



Our products are made from delicious & wholesome ingredients, grown organically, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. They are suffused with invaluable oils, natural antioxidants and wholesome fiber, creating a multitude of positive effects on the body from healthy hearts to weight control. Superfoods like flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts and fruits combine to give you a high-powered dose of Essential Fatty Acids, Omega Oils and proteins


Our state of the art manufacturing unit located at IMT – Manesar, on the outskirts of Delhi provides us the facility to produce. We follow stringent Organic and Food Quality along with Safety Standards at our factory, ensuring world class quality of our products.


At Nourish Organics, we understand and appreciate our duty towards the society we are a part of. A socially responsible and sustainable approach is the bedrock of our corporate vision. We demonstrate this commitment by adopting an inclusive outlook in our operations.

We also connect with farmers’ cooperatives at grass root level and procure our raw materials from several women’s self help groups, in turn providing them ample opportunities to expand. For example, the brown rice that we use in our snack is processed by a group of women who work in the rice fiel ds near Ponta Sahib. We also work towards providing gainful employment to women from surrounding villages by engaging them in our factory activities.

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