//Importance of Food Planning and Meal Packing Ideas for Those On the Move

Importance of Food Planning and Meal Packing Ideas for Those On the Move

A new day and a new note for you 🙂

So far I have shared with you about what healthy tribe is, and the importance of Prana as the life giver.

When discussing Prana, I shared that food is one way for our bodies to get Prana.

So, eating right food that enhances Prana is really important.

That said, it is tough to have right food all the time. More so for those who are always on the move.

Importance of planning and having help at hand

First and foremost – if we want to have right food then we got to plan for it; because making healthy food choices on the go without proper planning is tough.

So food planning is important. It also helps if you have help at hand.

As the founder of a growing business, I travel a lot.

To take care of the planning part I have made a list of food items that I like, are healthy and can be packed for travel. I’ll share those in a bit.

It also really helps that I am flanked by staff that is coachable and willing to learn new recipes and formulas.

I am grateful to my team at home who make it possible for me to be healthy! My cook Manohar and Surinder supported by energetic Satish make sure that my ice box is filled with planned food or snacks. My lunch, usually Khichri in the hot tiffin, is packed ready to go when I get ready and leave like a jet plane.

A healthy start every day is important because if we start with unhealthy food in the beginning of the day, we tend to continue to do it for the rest of the day.

To start my day on a healthy note, my latest combo is neem balls in the morning with hot lemon water. I follow it with black raisins blended in water. Papaya and pomegranate soon after with few almonds and walnuts.

All this changes according to season, weather or just my own needs. Usually I discuss with my kitchen team the night before and then it’s all done once I am back from my early morning run.

These neem balls I talked about also prevent mosquito bites in summers 😉 right now the whole team is busy making these balls to be supplied to my nieces. Really grateful for their loving support.

Meal packing ideas

If you are a frequent traveller like me then to stay healthy you may want to start packing your own meal from home.

My reasons for avoiding flight prepared meals and snacks are,

  1. High amounts of oils, salts and sugars.
  2. Not fresh… think about it….meals are packed the night before so it can reach the airport and then get loaded on a flight where it will be microwaved for you.
  3. Limited choices. One veg option and one non veg.
  4. Not tasty. It’s a standard kind of taste, lacking the yum factor that keeps me satisfied.

Enough reasons to pack I guess 🙂

Pack something that is spill proof so you won’t spoil your clothes and be lugging the liquid weight. Some dishes that have worked really well for me are;

  • A quinoa Upma with lots of veggies, with coconut chutney
  • Stir fried sprouts with hung curds
  • Rice or millet pulao with lots of veggies
  • A Ragi roti wrap with thinly julienned veggies which have been sautéed Italian or chinese style with herbs
  • A nice grilled veg cheese sandwich…. take a Joe on board to go with it!
  • Omega seed mix to keep you company on a long haul
  • Cocoa coconut cookies to share with co passengers and make some friends

Some tips to keep in mind

  • Avoid garlic, eggs and those Mom made pickles in your meal. The smells can be overbearing for your fellow travellers.
  • Last but not the least – stay hydrated…. not on wine, sugary juices tea or coffee. Plain old Aqua is the best. Your skin will be thankful.

Plan your meals in advance, pack them when you can and have a well thought go to list of food items when you need to order when out.

This alone with do a lot of good for your health.

It is only the beginning.

In my next blog post, will share more about the specific food ingredients that will make your food healthier.

Meanwhile, would love to know do you pack food when travelling and also how do you make sure that you eat healthy?

Talk soon!


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