//It’s all about Balance

It’s all about Balance

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In an earlier post I talked about yoga being the ‘stilling of the changing states of the mind.’ Consider now all the different emotions and states of mind we can go through in a day: when we’re on the road; when we get a call from a friend; when we have to deal with an annoying person; when we work; when we interact with others; when we see our children… it’s quite a range! We usually go up and down emotionally, several times a day.

At the core of yoga is the pursuit of stillness, which brings about balance and equanimity. It’s about being equal to whatever happens around us. And this is about being equal within, not just in our external behavior.

That’s why yogasanas are about balance, and each pose is about balance. Yoga identifies different techniques of breathing and asanas for people with different doshas or conditions (e.g. kapha, pitta, vatta). Since these conditions classify people into different temperaments, the same approach, or the same exercises cannot bring about the balance that different doshas need.

Similarly Ayurveda classifies food into three types: rajasic, tamasic and sattvic. Rajasic foods are stimulating. Tamasic foods are impure and dead. Sattvic foods are pure and balancing. It is said what we are what we eat, and this reflects in our bodies and minds.

Sattvic foods are gentle on us, and give us vitality and energy. They are great to balance the doshas, and they bring peace to one’s mind. Sattvic foods include almost all whole grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, milk and honey. Only those foods that are naturally made, without processing and use of chemicals are considered sattvic. Yoga practitioners often end up focusing on sattvic foods as the core of their diet.

Amaranth, apples, apricots, rice, buckwheat, oats, sunflower seeds, walnuts are some of the sattvic foods we use at Nourish Organics. A lot of effort goes into ensuring that we source ingredients that are sattvic in nature. We take care to ensure that our products are organic, chemical and pesticide-free. We believe in our artisanal approach, hand-making our products in small batches to ensure purity and taste. We pray before we make our products, so that the person making the products is filled with goodwill for the people who will eventually consume it. Our packing ensures that the food stays tasty and juicy for a long time.

You could say we strive for balance, in our own way, by helping people who pursue yoga find their balance!

What foods help you find balance? Do leave a note below.



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