Active Flax Seeds
MRP:  140

Our Active Flax Seeds have been pre-soaked to activate and increase their amazing superfood properties. They’re a rich source of omega-3’s and fibre, great for strengthening your heart and your entire body! Sprinkle them in your morning porridge, mix them into a smoothie, or add to salads for a nourishing boost.

100% Organic Flaxseeds.

Nutritional DetailPer 30 g
CALORIES (kcal)162.3
TOTAL CARB (g)14.1`
PROTEIN (g)4.5
TOTAL FAT (g)10.2
MUFA (g)3
PUFA (g)5.7
CALCIUM (mg)10.2
IRON (mg)1.5
VITAMIN A (mg)57.3
VITAMIN C (mg)0.3
SODIUM (mg)23.1


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Net Weight: 180g

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4 reviews for Active Flax Seeds

  1. Juhi Chakravertty (verified owner)

    Active Flax Seeds

  2. Mallikarjun Chikkareddy

    Mallikarjun Chikkareddy (verified owner)

  3. Bhaskar Prashanth

    Bhaskar Prashanth (verified owner)

    I am glad that I received a recent product and not one that is closer to the expiration date. The delivery of the product was hassle-free.
    Nourish Organics is the only company (that I know of) which sells ‘Active’ Flax seeds; all the others sell Flax seeds which have not been soaked to reduce anti-nutrients (like Phytic acid) which is required to unlock the full health benefits of Flax seeds.

  4. Aastha Asthana

    Aastha Asthana (verified owner)

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