Cinnamon Coconut Chips
RS. 180.00

Wt: 90g
Product Description
Coconut and cinnamon: such a simple yet delicious combination! We take fresh tender coconuts and bake them until they're perfectly crisp, then top with a healthy shake of cinnamon to give them a lovely warm flavour. They're great on top of a fruit smoothie or a warm bowl of oatmeal! (Do note: for maximum freshness and crispy-ness, please be sure to consume the packet the same day it's opened!)
Coconut chips (92%){ Tender coconuts (72%)}, Sugar (21.12%), Salt (1.92%), Vanilla (0.96%), Cinnamon Powder (4%)
Nutritional Details
Cinnamon CC Per 30 g Per 30 g
CALORIES (kcal)168.6Total Carb(G)16.8
PROTEIN (g)1.5TOTAL FAT (g)10.8
TRANS FAT (g)0MUFA (g)0.3
IRON (mg)0.6VITAMIN C (mg)0.6

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