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Trail Mix Festive Pack
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A wholesome mix of organic nuts and nutritious seeds, our Trail Mix gift box is the perfect gifting option for this festive season. It contains 2 packs of each of our bestselling trail mixes - Roasted Almond Cranberry, Mixed Nut Medley, Fruit, and Nut Medley & Cacao Roasted Cashews.Roasted Almond Cranberry - Slightly spicy, mostly crunch, and 100% delicious. Our antioxidant-rich trail mix is the perfect go-to for a nutrition-packed power punch.Mixed Nut Medley - The nutty stars of this medley include whole almonds, whole walnuts, and crunchy peanuts, along with omega -3 rich sunflower seeds and delicious raisins, so you can binge with benefits.Fruit and Nut Medley - Crunchy organic nuts and tangy dry fruits come together to make these gluten-free crunchy munchies a handbag essential!Cacao Roasted Cashews - Cacao Roasted Cashews - Cacao, the raw form of chocolate meets creamy cashew, and together they become the quickest, easiest, yummiest way to curb your sweet cravings! Go ahead and dig in, minus the guilt.

Roasted Almond Cranberry – Organic Almonds (71%), Cranberries (19.5%), Organic Honey (5%), Olive Oil, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt & Organic Red Chilli Powder.

Mixed Nut Medley -Organic Dry Fruits (34%)[Walnuts, Almonds, Raisins], Organic Peanuts(39%), Pumpkin Seed (10%), Organic Honey(5.2%), Olive Oil, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, Onion Powder, Organic Red Chili Powder, Garlic Powder & Thyme.

Fruit and Nut Medley – Organic Dry Fruits {Almonds, Cashewnuts, Raisins ( 34%) }, Organic Peanuts (17.5%), Organic Sunflower Seeds (11%), Cranberries (11%), Black Currant (11%), Pumpkin Seeds (10.5%), Dehydrated Apple (5%)

Cacao Roasted Cashews – Organic Cashewnuts (78%), Coconut Nectar (13%), Cocoa Powder (8%), Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Extract & Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

Nutritional Detail

Per 35g

Roasted Almond CranberryMixed Nut MedleyFruit and Nut MedleyCacao Roasted Cashews
 CALORIES (kcal)189.62213.61189.75208.44
 TOTAL CARB (g)14.057.1913.1111.86
 TOTAL SUGAR (g)6.903.319.755.58
 DIETARY FIBRE (g)4.993.172.801.27
 PROTEIN (g)6.739.016.396.52
 TOTAL FAT (g)11.8316.5312.4114.99
 MUFA (g)0.187.745.059.31
 PUFA (g)8.236.594.662.54
SATURATED FAT (g)3.432.202.713.14
 SODIUM (mg)192.19185.332.9639.51
Calcium (mg)78.2642.1633.9413.26
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Net Weight: 450g

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