Variety Bars Pack
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The Variety Bar Pack contains an assortment of six power-packed nutrient health bars that are plant-based, use organic ingredients and offer a combination of health benefits through superfoods and real fruit. This pack includes Amla Cashew Bar, Apple Cinnamon Bar, Vanilla Nut Bar, Coconut Lime Bar, Choco Nut Bar & Banana Nut Bar. 
Amla Cashew Bar: Packed with vitamin C, this tart-dried fruit is combined with raisins, cashews, and almonds into a sweet and healthy treat.
Apple Cinnamon Bar: Whole oats are blended with dried fruits and nuts to make these bars hearty as well as healthy - full of fiber, protein, and antioxidants.
Vanilla Nut Bar: Almonds, puffed brown rice, raisins, and dates give these bars an ever so slightly chewy texture.
Coconut Lime Bar: Plump dates are blended with dried coconut, cashews, and a squeeze of lemon juice into deliciously moist bars. A dash of chia seeds adds wonderfully nourishing omega 3’s.
Choco Nut Bar: Delicious combination of juicy dates, whole oats, and crunchy sunflower seeds & almonds, these bars are a perfect mix of chewy, crunchy, and sweet.
Banana Nut Bar: A toothsome blend of oats, bananas, dates, and buckwheat - naturally sweetened with honey - these bars are filled with amazing plant fiber and nourishing antioxidants.

Amla Cashew Bar: Organic dry fruits(52.46%) [raisins, cashew nut, almond],Organic amla candy (30%) [amla, sugar], organic sunflower seed (13.6%), chia seed & lemon juice


Apple Cinnamon Bar: Organic Dry Fruits (31%) [Raisins,Cashewnut, Almond], Dates (29%), Apples (12%), Organic seeds (9.5%) [Sunflower Seed, Flaxseed], Oat Flakes (8%), Organic Honey (6.5%), Buckwheat, CINNAMON POWDER [DALCHINI POWDER] & Lemon Juice


Vanilla Nut Bar: Organic almond (28%), Organic Honey (16%), Organic puffed brown rice (12%), Organic raisin (12%), Dates (12%), soya flour (7%), Organic brown sugar (4%), vanilla, Organic flaxseeds (3%), Organic sesame seed (2%)


Coconut Lime Bar: Dates (57.8%), Organic Dry Fruits (25%) [Almond, Cashew nut], Desiccated coconut powder (13%), Chia seeds, Lemon juice (1.5%), and citric acid


Choco Nut Bar: Dates (28.5%), Organic seeds (15.5%) [Sunflower seed, Flaxseed], Organic Peanut Butter (12.5%), Organic Dryfruits (10.2%) [Raisins, Walnut, Cashewnut], Honey (10%), Cocoa powder (9%), Oats (7%), Almond (7%), Cacao Nibs & Vanilla extract


Banana Nut Bar: Organic Dry Fruits (24%) [Almond, Raisins, Walnuts, Cashewnut], Banana (20%), Organic seeds (12%) [Sunflower seed, Flaxseed], Oat Flakes (12%), Dates(12%), Buckwheat (7%), Organic Honey (6%) & Pumpkin seed

Per 100 g Amla Cashew Bar Apple Cinnamon Bar Banana Nut  Bar Choco Nut BarCoconut Lime  Bar Vanilla Nut Bar
 CALORIES (kcal)461.32423.82502.18501.44459.31450
 TOTAL CARB (g)59.8766.0550.0549.7457.4256
 TOTAL SUGAR (g)33.4341.0428.3825.1236.2232
 DIETARY FIBRE (g)8.2610.196.486.797.337
 PROTEIN (g)9.388.1813.3514.061014
 TOTAL FAT (g)20.4814.127.6227.3621.0719
 TRANS FAT (g) 0 0 0 0 0 0
 MUFA (g)10.717.2320.6713.149.368
 PUFA (g)
 CHOLESTEROL (mg) 0 0 0 0 0 0
 SATURATED FAT (g)1.661.63.084.348.636
 SODIUM (mg)18.612.739.5398.519.457
CALCIUM (mg)85.6960.3595.93158.7482.51186

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17 reviews for Variety Bars Pack

  1. Talib Sheikh

    Talib Sheikh (verified owner)

    It’s really tasty try it

  2. Omvir singh Rathee

    Omvir singh Rathee (verified owner)

    Nice product

  3. Vicky Lakhwani

    Vicky Lakhwani (verified owner)

  4. Rama P

    Rama P (verified owner)

  5. Jamshed Lateef

    Jamshed Lateef (verified owner)

  6. Manju Singh

    Manju Singh (verified owner)

  7. Meenakshi Sharma

    Meenakshi Sharma (verified owner)

  8. Ronak Amodia

    Ronak Amodia (verified owner)

  9. Suman Jain

    Suman Jain (verified owner)

  10. Smitha S

    Smitha S (verified owner)

  11. Manikandan P

    Manikandan P (verified owner)

  12. Sunandha B

    Sunandha B (verified owner)

    Loved them! ☺👌

  13. Kalyanaraman Pillay

    Kalyanaraman Pillay (verified owner)

  14. Rohan Thapar

    Rohan Thapar (verified owner)

  15. Barbara (verified owner)

    Package took too long to reach!

  16. Satish Addanki

    Satish Addanki (verified owner)

    JUST WOW!!!

  17. Manishkumar Madhusoothanan

    Manishkumar Madhusoothanan (verified owner)

    Love it

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