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Xmas Star Pack

With a pack each of two of our bestselling health bars and a pack of scrumptious cookies, this bundle makes a great gift for the serial party-attender, providing ample nutrition to keep energy levels high wherever, whenever!
This Christmas Bundle includes:
- Apple Oats Bar X 1
- Almond Buckwheat Cookies X 1
- Amla Bar X 1

Apple Oats Bar

Dates (28%), Organic raisins (16%), Dehydrated apples (12%), Oats (8%), Organic sunflower seeds (8%), Organic almonds (7.5%), Organic cashew nuts(7.5%), Organic honey (6.5%), Buckwheat & Organic flaxseed (2%), Cinnamon and Lemon juice

Almond Buckwheat Cookies

Buckwheat (22%), organic sunflower seed (19.5%), organic raisins (14%), coconut nectar (14%), desiccated coconut powder (13%), almond butter (7%), buckwheat flour(5%), almond, rice bran oil, himalayan pink rock salt, aluminium free baking powder, organic CINNAMON POWDER (DALCHINI POWDER) & vanilla extract.

Amla Bar

Organic amla candy (37%), Organic raisin (28%), Organic cashew nuts (16%), Organic almonds (14%), organic honey (5%)

Nutritional Detail

Per 30g

Apple Oats Bar 

Almond Buckwheat


Amla Bar

 CALORIES (kcal)125.1156.6120.3
 TOTAL CARB (g)19.816.223.4
 TRANS FAT (g)000
 MUFA (g)
 PUFA (g)1.21.50
 SODIUM (mg)64.56

Weight: 495g

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  • Uses Organic Ingredients
  • No Added Preservatives
  • No Refined Sugars
  • Plant Based Nutrition
  • No Added Flavours
  • Zero Trans Fat