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Straight From The Tribe

Delhi’s Pride, Nourishified!

IPL arrived at a time when everybody needed ways to engage themselves in. They picked up old hobbies, new hobbies, and virtual interaction lobbies. The world’s changing, and our lifestyles must adapt. Those who missed sixes, fours and wickets throughout the dry months on the fields found IPL to relive their passion. Delhi Capitals grabbed […]

Self-care Tips For Your Mental Wellbeing

It goes without saying that physical health goes hand in hand with mental wellbeing. Give adequate attention to your mind as you do your body through these self-care tips! Watch something funny Whether it’s the latest laugh riot on the block or your go to comedy show, comfort watching will uplift your mood when you’re […]

Cook Up a Storm For Your Mom on This Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day,  make the most of your time together in quarantine with these simple, delicious and nutritious breakfast recipes that are sure to make your mother feel extra special and loved. Use MOMento at checkout to get 20% OFF on your order. Date with Latte Ingredients: 1 cup cold coffee (mix a tablespoon of […]

How to while away your Quaran’time’

Body: Make the most of your time at home by ensuring the holistic well-being of yourself and your family: 1. Nourish Your Tastebuds a. Current Trend, Indian #Throwback – Dalgona Coffee This Instagram-worthy South Korean coffee trend isn’t new to Indian households, making many hark back to their childhood pastime of beating coffee to a creamy, […]

Eat Your Way To Better Immunity

Roast Beet Hummus What you need: 1 small roasted beetroot 1 ½  cups of boiled chickpeas 2 limes( juiced) 2 large cloves of garlic (minced) ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoon tahini Salt and pepper to taste How to make: Blend all ingredients except olive oil in a food processor until smooth. Drizzle […]

A Woman-centric diet for woman-centric needs

Women’s Day Easiest Diet to Follow In this day and age, conversations about issues and concerns faced by women are no longer an exception, but the norm. Women, apart from being mothers, caregivers and nurturers  also give equal importance to their careers, goals and aspirations. While juggling between multiple tasks, it is vital to give […]

A Quick Guide To Reading Nutrition Labels

Step 1 Study the ingredient list Ingredients are listed by quantity — from highest to lowest. A good rule of thumb is to scan the first three ingredients, as they make up the largest part of what you’re eating. Step 2 Look at the serving size Take a look at the number of servings in […]

Healthy Holiday Season Recipes

The Holiday Season brings with it feelings of warmth, togetherness and homeliness! Many of us relish the festivities from the comforts of our own four walls, away from the hustle and bustle of work-life. But being a holiday couch potato also comes with a chance to experiment in the kitchen, and that too in healthy […]

5 must-eats to give winter a warm welcome

Best foods to eat in winter The days are getting shorter, woollens are being brought out of storage and catching some sun seems almost like an Olympic sport – winter is upon us! Keeping warm is now a daily goal for us all, and what we consume plays an integral role in unlocking this achievement. […]

5 Different Bircher Muesli ideas for nippy fall Mornings

In the fast paced life of young millennials, ‘instant everything’ seems to play center stage! Waking up and practically rushing out the door, barely managing to look put together whilst grabbing your usual order at the Starbucks in your office compound has surely become a lifestyle we all identify with. But amidst all this rush […]

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