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Straight From The Tribe

The New Normal With Nourish Organics

It took us a while to adjust to the “new normal”, but we did it! From discovering hidden talents and reconnecting with family to coping with loss and facing unfamiliar emotions, surviving the pandemic has been nothing short of a whirlwind. With vaccinations slowly rolling out, the light at the end of the tunnel is […]

//Tribe Story 008//

A mountaineer, adventurer, instructor, and entrepreneur: Shekhar wears several hats, and all of them are meant for the innermost corners of the mighty Indian Himalayas! Founder and owner of Alpine Husky, an agency that curates trips and courses in the most remote part of the Himalayas, Shekhar also loves climbing rock faces, scaling frozen waterfalls, […]

//Tribe story 007//

There’s just sNOw stopping Tribe member Prerna Dangi, an adventure enthusiast whose passion is climbing every possible surface— rocks, ice, and everything in between. She stands by the motto that climbing is more about the process than about the destination; it’s her very own mechanism to gain courage — be it to break into scary […]

//Tribe Story 006//

Meet Diana Serrano, an extremely special member of the Nourish Tribe, because she’s also a Covid warrior! Based in LA, California, she worked as nurse when Covid’19 hit its peak in Los Angeles, interacting with and caring for innumerable patients and experiencing first-hand the uncertainty that came with the early days of the pandemic. Despite […]

//Tribe Story 005//

Meet Charvi Singh; a nature-lover at heart, she took her fascination with wildlife a step further during the pandemic and started birding. She often takes off on mountain expeditions where her aim is always to spot, photograph, and remember as many unique birds as she possibly can. And Charvi’s steady companion on her Himalayan trips? […]

//Tribe Story 004//

The success story of sisters Rebecca and Ariella, founders of one of Delhi’s leading Kombucha brands and members of the Nourish Tribe, is truly worth telling! After moving to Delhi 5 years ago, nutritional therapy practitioner Ariella started consulting with clients, and noticed that most of them faced issues related to their gut. She couldn’t […]

//Tribe Story 003//

An animal lover and a free spirit at heart, Urvi Jindal’s idea of nourishment goes beyond her diet. She believes that for someone to feel truly nourished, they must be in a state of a balance within oneself and with the outside world. Urvi seeks that balance by spending time with animals whenever she can. […]

//Tribe Story 002//

Meet Raman Lal. A Bansuri Wala from a nearby village, Raman Lal was found selling his colourful flutes in a secluded colony lane. It wasn’t a buzzing market full of potential customers, but a spot inside a tiny, green neighbourhood, near a construction site. The soft melodious tunes from his Bansuri brought blissful peace to […]

//Tribe Story 001//

Meet our founder, Seema Jindal Jajodia, a health & fitness driven woman who started this company with the intention of providing easy & ready to eat healthy solutions for the busy on-the-go urban consumer. With a close family member battling cancer, Seema was asked to find organic foods for safer eating. The importance of going […]

Chocolicious breakfast recipe

Here’s a flipping fantastic breakfast recipe!

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