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Summer 101: How to stay cool, as per Ayurveda

Seema Jindal Jajodia May 10, 2022

The world’s finally opening up, but summer has definitely closed in upon us all!
With a summer that’s broken all previous temperature records, it’s safer to stay in
and relish the indoors than be outside and withstand the scorching heat…but
summer can still be kind of wonderful, if we take the right steps to protect our
bodies from soaring temperatures.

Ensuring you get the right kind of nutrition could be key towards a happier,
healthier, cooler summer! According to Ayurveda, a person’s physiological,
mental, and emotional health is defined by a combination of three humours, or
doshas, known as vata (air and space), kapha (earth and water), and pitta (earth
and fire), which can be influenced by a variety of things, including the season.
Choosing cooling foods for pitta pacification can help you stay cool in the
summer, and luckily, these foods have also been mentioned in the Ayurveda. Let’s
take a look at some cooling foods for the Indian summer that you must include in
your diet.

It’s Graining health:

Certain whole grains such as wheat, barley, rice, quinoa, amaranth, and oats are
said to be cooling foods as per Ayurveda because of their pitta pacifying
properties. Incorporating these grains into your diet is a must, especially for the
summer, as they not only provide you with nutrients and help your digestion, but
also help keep you cool. Try our Brown Rice Puffed Snacks, Amaranth Muesli, or
our Cinnamon Oats Granola for a delicious variety of grains to fulfil your daily
grain requirements.

Need for Seed:

Sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds are some of the seeds that are recommended
for your diet due to their high nutrient content which includes omega 3 fatty
acids and vitamin E. These nutrients have anti-inflammatory properties and can
help protect your skin from sun damage, as well as help it heal faster if you get
sunburnt. Consume these seeds with salads, yoghurt, and even with ice cream –
try our Active Sunflower Seeds and Pumpkin Seed Mix for some of that delicious,
crunchy and healthy goodness.

Time for Lime:

Loaded with Vitamin C, limes are one of the most effective cooling foods for the
stomach. The nutrition that is lost by the body through perspiration in the
summer can be replenished with magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and
antioxidants that are present in limes. What’s more, they also help restore
electrolytes and water to the body due to their high water content. Add some
lime juice to your water for a quick and easy hydrating drink. You can also munch
on our Coconut Lime Bars whenever you feel like it’s time for lime!

(Goose)berry Good:

Gooseberries, commonly known as Amla, are among the most beneficial cooling
foods for the body. Loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants, amla helps to shield
the skin from UV rays and helps reverse the damage caused by the sun. It also
helps release heat from the body and replenish the body’s stock of iron,
potassium and fibre. Try our delicious Amla Cashew Bars for a quick and convenient way
to include Amla in your summer diet.

Loco for Coco(nut):

An Indian summer staple, fresh coconut water is the perfect drink for the
summer! It keeps you hydrated and is packed with electrolytes like potassium,
sodium and magnesium that help replenish the minerals lost by the body while
sweating. Coconut water is also excellent in helping manage blood pressure and
blood sugar levels, while also improving digestion. *water* you waiting for? Stock
up on coconut water for instant hydration that lasts through the day.

Eat Fresh:

Upping your fresh fruit and vegetable consumption during the summer is a
healthy and nutritious way of keeping cool despite the soaring temperatures.
Take advantage of the wide variety of fruits and vegetables available in the
summer and add something new to your diet every day.
– Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are high in fibre, and
also help increase the blood flow in the body, thereby regenerating skin cells and
decreasing light sensitivity to the sun.
– Leafy green vegetables are rich in carotenoids which the body converts into
Vitamin A, which in turn helps in protecting the skin from the harmful UV rays,
strengthens its defences against the sun, and also helps repair dry skin.
– Fruits rich in water content such as watermelons and muskmelons are great
cooling foods for the summer as they can help regulate body temperature by
helping you stay hydrated, while also providing delicious taste!

While it’s important to include the right food for summer heat in your diet, it’s
almost as important to know what not to include! Here are a few food types that
should be avoided during the summer, to help ensure that your body stays cool
through the heat.

Excessively salty food:
High levels of salt in your diet can lead to high blood pressure, bloating, and even
heart disease. In the summer, especially, excessive salt can pull water out of the
cells of the body, leading to dehydration. Therefore, salt intake should be
monitored, especially in the summer. Junk food and processed food contain large
amounts of salt, and must be avoided.

Spicy foods:
Spicy foods contain capsaicin, which aggravates the pitta dosha and triggers
body heat, causing excessive sweating, dehydration, and skin problems. Opt for
less spicy food during the summer to keep your body cool, and avoid foods such
as curries, hot sauce, sriracha and jalapenos, and regulate the use of spices in your
daily cooking.

Oily foods:
Oily and deep-fried foods are notoriously unhealthy, and even more so during the
summer season when they cause bloating and indigestion, and have adverse
effects on the skin leading to oily skin and breakouts. Avoid deep-fried, processed,
and junk food like pizza, french fries, and potato chips, and replace them with
healthier, more nourishing alternatives.

And there you have it! By paying attention to your summer diet, you can make
sure you sail through the heat and protect your body from scorching
temperatures. With the right care (and some handy Nourish Organics snacks),
you can make the summer season fun, no matter how harsh the sun! Have any
more tips on how to stay Nourished this summer? We’d love to hear them! DM us
on Instagram @nourish.organics with questions, nutritional tips, tricks, and
recipes with your Nourish Organics products.

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