Choco Oats Bar (6 Pcs)

Our wholesome Choco Oat bars are an amazingly healthy snack! With a delicious combination of juicy dates, whole oats, and crunchy sunflower seeds & almonds, these bars are a perfect mix of chewy, crunchy and sweet. Cacao nibs add a touch of chocolatey indulgence - enjoy them as a treat, any time of day!

Dates (30%), Oats (12%), Organic cocoa nibs (10%), Organic sunflower seeds (10%), Organic raisin (9%), Organic honey (9%), Organic flaxseed (5%), Organic almonds (5%), Organic walnuts (4%), Organic cashew nut (3%), Cocoa powder

Nutritional DetailPer 30 g
CALORIES (kcal)132.9
TOTAL CARB (g)18.6
PROTEIN (g)2.7
TOTAL FAT (g)5.4
MUFA (g)2.1
PUFA (g)1.8
SODIUM (mg)1.8


(27 customer reviews)

Weight: 180g

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27 reviews for Choco Oats Bar (6 Pcs)

  1. Gaurav Bharadwaj (verified owner)

    Best quality natural and healthy bar 👍

  2. Kushal Shah

    I usually buy from Indigo Airlines….
    This health bar is really an amazing one and I like it so much that in last 50-60 flights, I have purchased 2-3 boxes in each one…. amazing and one must try

  3. JK

    We took about 10 boxes on our last trip. They were fantastic to eat after a Boost Juice at Singapore airport for breakfast. They helped to keep my kids hunger satisfied at various places and the relatives loved them too so we left some boxes there!!

    I’m thinking of the little chocolate bars now – hence the review on this one but all the flavours are completely yummy!

  4. Siddhant Sharma (verified owner)

    Excellent product to try

  5. SMILEE (Seema) HAGDE (verified owner)


  6. Beena Rathod

    Choco Oats Bar (Pack of 6)

  7. Kirti Wadhwa (verified owner)

    Choco Oats Bar (Pack of 6)

  8. Rashmi Savla (verified owner)

    Choco Oats Bar (Pack of 6)

  9. Drishti Arora (verified owner)


  10. Jatin Gambhir (verified owner)

    Choco Oats Bar (Pack of 6)

  11. Preeti Singh (verified owner)

    Good for mid day hunger pangs… healthy option

  12. Ramya Jerome

    Choco Oats Bar (Pack of 6)

  13. Ravindra Shenoy (verified owner)

    Suits well for an occasional craving of sweet dish for a diabetic…. with favourable healthy organic ingredients .

  14. Gunjan Kaur (verified owner)

    Most recommend

  15. HARISH chandra Baldewa (verified owner)

    Choco Oats Bar (Pack of 6)

  16. Vandana Lal

    Choco Oats Bar (Pack of 6)

  17. Pradha Anirudh (verified owner)

    I like the taste

  18. Chandrasekhar Kvotharam

    Chandrasekhar Kvotharam (verified owner)


  19. Tarini Mohan

    Tarini Mohan (verified owner)

    Tasty and healthy — makes for a great snack.

  20. Jignesh Kalantri

    Jignesh Kalantri (verified owner)

  21. Nakkina Sudhakara Rao

    Nakkina Sudhakara Rao (verified owner)

    Chocolate quality is good

  22. Mahesh Kurane

    Mahesh Kurane (verified owner)

  23. Taniya Bal O'Connor

    Taniya Bal O'Connor (verified owner)

    So filling and perfect for when you have sweet cravings.


    SUNAINA GULATI (verified owner)

    Quantity too less

  25. Nupur Kapur

    Nupur Kapur (verified owner)

    Its a perfect snack to keep in my bag to eat something healthy

  26. Mallikarjun Chikkareddy

    Mallikarjun Chikkareddy (verified owner)

  27. Dharani Shanmugam

    Dharani Shanmugam (verified owner)

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