Cocoa Crunch Granola
MRP:  450

This is the perfect power breakfast for all you chocolate lovers! We’ve added antioxidant-rich organic cacao nibs to our hearty blend of millet, quinoa, amaranth and nuts for a healthy chocolatey touch. Quinoa and flax lend a superfood boost, while a rich blend of almonds, walnuts and cashews supply good-for-you fats. Grab a handful anytime a chocolate craving strikes!

Oats flakes (22.35%), Superfood blend (19.5%) [Quinoa, Organic Amaranth, Pumpkin seed], Organic Honey(15%), Organic seeds (14.5%) [ White sesame seed, Sunflower seed], Organic Dry Fruits (13%) [ Cashew nut, Almond, Walnut], Rice bran Oil(5%), Cranberry, Cocoa Powder, Cacao nibs, Vanilla Extract, Organic CINNAMON POWDER (DALCHINI POWDER), Himalayan pink rock salt & Organic Nutmeg powder.

Nutritional DetailPer 30 g
CALORIES (kcal)160.8
TOTAL CARB (g)14.1
PROTEIN (g)4.5
TOTAL FAT (g)9.6
MUFA (g)3.6
PUFA (g)4.2
SODIUM (mg)40.5




(22 customer reviews)

Net Weight: 300g

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22 reviews for Cocoa Crunch Granola

  1. Ashwini Satish (verified owner)

    They’re my fav. Love

  2. Nivita Arora (verified owner)

    Cocoa Crunch Granola

  3. Priyam Bats

    Very gratifying

  4. Shivani de Chassey (verified owner)

    Cocoa Crunch Granola

  5. Tulika Sharma (verified owner)

    Lovely and excellent

  6. Seema Chawla


  7. Tanvi Pradhan (verified owner)

    Good quality but quantity could be a bit more considering the price.

  8. Kanwaljit Singh Ahluwalia (verified owner)

    Cocoa Crunch Granola

  9. Rita Marathey (verified owner)

    Cocoa Crunch Granola

  10. Parinaz Driver (verified owner)

    Cocoa Crunch Granola

  11. Ananya

    Love the chocolate granola. You get bits of dark chocolate and its delicious. Little more cranberries or raisins would have made it even better.

  12. Pallavi Guptaa

    I love it, I have it everyday, morning , post lunch and post dinner. Sometimes I even mix it with my tea and have it, it’s the best granola I have come across 🙂

  13. Rishika Singh (verified owner)

    Cocoa Crunch Granola

  14. Ashu Thakur

    Ashu Thakur (verified owner)

  15. Mitushi Choudhary

    Mitushi Choudhary (verified owner)

  16. Shubham Sonkusale

    Shubham Sonkusale (verified owner)

  17. Manju Singh

    Manju Singh (verified owner)

  18. Dharani Shanmugam

    Dharani Shanmugam (verified owner)

  19. Rekha Nigam

    Rekha Nigam (verified owner)

  20. Archana Singhal

    Archana Singhal (verified owner)

  21. Tejal Sharma

    Tejal Sharma (verified owner)

  22. Deepti Bhutani

    Deepti Bhutani (verified owner)

    It’s my favorite!!!

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