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Cranberry Super Grain Granola

Tart dried cranberries add a delightful burst of tangy flavor to our Cranberry Super Grain Granola. Filled with hearty millet and quinoa, nuts, and seeds, this crunchy superfood granola is rich in antioxidants and health-boosting goodness. Sweet and satisfying, this granola makes a perfect snack or topping for a fruit smoothie, a warm bowl of porridge, or your favorite yogurt!

Oats flakes(24%), Superfood blend (22.4%) [foxtail millet, Quinoa, Organic amaranth, Pumpkin seed], Organic Honey (14.2%), Organic seeds (11%) [ white sesame seed, sunflower seed], cranberry (9%), Organic dry fruits (8%) [ Cashewnut, Walnut], Rice bran oil (6%), Organic almond butter, Vanilla extract, organic CINNAMON POWDER (DALCHINI POWDER), himalayan pink rock salt & organic nutmeg powder.

Nutritional DetailPer 30 g
CALORIES (kcal)150.3
TOTAL CARB (g)17.1
PROTEIN (g)3.9
TOTAL FAT (g)7.5
MUFA (g)3
PUFA (g)2.4
SODIUM (mg)40.5



(10 customer reviews)

Weight: 300g

10 reviews for Cranberry Super Grain Granola

  1. Vanessa

    Must Buy.

  2. Garry F (verified owner)

    Really good.

  3. Ravindra Shenoy (verified owner)

    Cranberry Super Grain Granola

  4. Seema Chawla

    Very nice

  5. Namit Arora (verified owner)

    Good products that I’d recommend to anyone (five stars for that), but I was very unhappy to see thick layers and layers of non-biodegradable styrofoam packaging around the bottles. This is unnecessary and is bad for the environment. Please switch to soft cardboard/paper-based packing materials that are easily biodegradable. Thanks.

  6. Priti Mehta

    Cranberry Super Grain Granola

  7. Rita Marathey (verified owner)

    Cranberry Super Grain Granola

  8. Ananya

    Super healthy and delicious. However, I felt the salt could have been reduced just a tad bit. Definitely my go to guilt free and healthy snack.

  9. Gowri Karuna Sai J

    Gowri Karuna Sai J (verified owner)

  10. Deepti Bhutani

    Deepti Bhutani (verified owner)

    Husband’s favorite

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